Robin Wright Proved She’s Basically Claire Underwood In Real Life

If you don’t know who Robin Wright is, please go educate yourself. She’s an actress who played Princess Buttercup in The Princess Bride and Claire Underwood on House of Cards—two female characters with sky-high self-worth who demanded respect from the sub-par men in their lives. She was also married to Sean Penn until he forgot to thank her in his Oscar’s speech, boy bye.

She revealed in an interview that she told Netflix they would need to pay her the same salary as her male costar Kevin Spacey or she would expose them by going public. That’s the professional equivalent of Rihanna singing “pay me what you owe me.” Besides the whole thing being amazing feminism, Robin did her research and knew that her character was actually more popular than Kevin Spacey’s.

In my mind, she recited lines written for her character Claire to the producers. See: “Am I really the sort of enemy you want to make” and “nothing about you threatens me.” So thank you to Robin Wright, not only for bringing us Claire Underwood, but for being an absolute legend.


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