Robin Thicke’s Dad Has Sex To His Music, Gross

Spoiler Alert: The Thicke Family is super fucked up. Homeboy Robin Thicke – rape enthusiast and lyric plagiarizer – has already admitted that he likes to have sex to his own music aka he gets turned on by his own voice. Well his dad, Alan Thicke (aka Kirk Cameron's dad on Growing Pains) and his new wife apparently also get turned on by Robin's voice, as in they like to have sex to Robin's music.

Robin's stepmom said, “when we get freaky, we do like Sex Therapy…you have to admit though, Sex Therapy is such a good song to get in the mood.” Robin then asked his dad to return all of his music and will probably “be busy” during the next family dinner. This is kind of like how John F. Kennedy's dad used to take him to strip clubs, but a whole lot weirder.



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