Robin Thicke Admits He Didn’t Write Blurred Lines, Was On Drugs Entire Time

Things just keep getting worse for Robin Thicke…I almost feel bad for him but “almost” is the key word. It all started when Marvin Gaye's family claimed the rape anthem of 2013 aka “Blurred Lines” ripped off Marvin's 1977 hit “Got to Give it Up.” Apparently what happens in the courtoom doesn't stay in the courtroom because some of the deposition was released today and here's where shit gets weird. Originally Robin claimed he and Pharrell wrote the song in the studio in like 30 minutes, but now he's saying that Pharrell did it all and Robin took the credit cause he was jealous. That's totally unexpected and out of character since Robin's never been caught in a lie before… But wait, there's more! Robin also admitted that he was high on Vicodin and alcohol for most of 2013, even while on Oprah with his son. Where's Time Magazine at? Somebody needs to nominate Robin for Man of the Year.

In another twist, Pharrell all but admitted he can't read music, and all your years of playing in the school band were a waste.




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