Rob Kardashian Unfollowed Blac Chyna On Instagram

Last week, all was good in the world of our generation’s most unlikely couple. No, not Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna. Fucking duh. With three months left until their baby’s big arrival, we found out it’s a girl and immediately started wondering what K names are even left at this point. Shit’s harder than you think. They’re like two names away from being the goddamn Duggars. But regardless, this is amazing news because of the last name. We’re not talking about a Disick or a West or a Jenner. This baby is a Kardashian. That’s some OG shit.

Well, the picnic is fucking over because sometime Sunday night Rob deleted all Instagram posts with Blac Chyna and, wait for it, unfollowed her. That’s serious AF, especially for a Kardashian. Social media is sacred. No one knows wtf is going on with this whole thing. A rep came out saying they’re not broken up and they just had a fight, but idk who they think they’re fooling rn. Not me, that’s for damn sure. Seems a little drastic to delete every photo you have with your fiancée/the mother of your child over a fight if you’re just going to get back together, right?

Bethenny Frankel cringe

Tbh, I hope they work it (whatever it is) out because I feel bad for Rob and his belly and little sock line. He can’t catch a fucking break. But if not, I’ll settle for watching the Kardashian clan destroy Blac Chyna’s life. I hear Taylor Swift’s girl squad has some vacancies these days if she needs some new friends.

Taylor Swift Squad


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