Rob Kardashian Continues To Be A Fucking Weirdo

Chapter 38 of the Rob vs. Kardashian Family feud: Rob hung out with French Montana. They posted a video to Rob’s Snapchat and French’s Instagram, where Rob is wearing a computer science major’s chin beard. The whole thing is a pretty classic drunk girls’ night in, which I would have ignored six months ago.


@robkardashian get ready ‼️‼️

A video posted by French Montana (@frenchmontana) on

But now, during the Kardashian Civil War, every social media post seems like a drone strike. French and Khloe broke up a while ago, and Khloe made Rob move out because she didn’t want him fucking Blac Chyna in her house anymore. It’s nice that they have a support group for Khloe’s former friends—hold up, why wasn’t Lamar invited? Also, why are Rob and French such fucking weirdos and why do they look exactly alike?

I guess nobody told Rob that exes are just off-limits to siblings. I mean that’s just like, the rules of feminism! 


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