Rob Kardashian Disappeared From A Reality TV Show…Again

In the most unsurprising Kardashian plot twist since Kim divorced Kris Humphries, Rob Kardashian hasn’t been showing up to film his reality show with Blac Chyna.

Hillary Clinton Surprised

If you haven’t been eagerly anticipating this bizarre TV show about the consequences of trapping the brother of the girl who stole your baby daddy aka the Blac Chyna scheme, then here’s a quick recap.

Kris Jenner spun her web and got Rob and Chyna a TV deal to film Chyna’s pregnancy and the couple’s wedding preparations. At least this confirms that the Arthur George sock line is not enough to financially support a Kardashian grandchild. They’ve been filming for a couple of months now, but apparently Rob ditched the show in July. Unlike missing a couple days of your summer internship, Ryan Seacrest is not okay with this shit. Chyna is filming by the show by herself now, which is a sensation she should probably get used to.

Rob lost his shit because he’s convinced KUWTK “destroyed his family” and thinks this show could destroy his relationship with Chyna. Let’s be honest, the OJ Simpson trial, Caitlyn and Kris’ divorce, and Rob being a general asshole to Khloé destroyed the family. KUWTK just made them rich. Plus, if being the step-father and uncle to a child wasn’t enough to ruin the relationship, it can survive a 6-episode reality show.

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