Nancy Drew and the Mystery of Rob Kardashian’s Body Weight

So Rob Kardashian’s life has been in a shit show spiral ever since Lamar Odom and Khloe got divorced. He gained like 300 pounds, stopped posting to social media, and is never seen in public anymore. So basically us when we go home for the holidays, except it’s been years now.

Apparently, last weekend, Rob wasn’t feeling very well, but not because of a Christmas morning hangover. He was taken to a hospital, where the doctors discovered he was diabetic. At least that’s better than being taken to the hospital because you overdosed on herbal viagra in a brothel.

He’s already been released from the hospital, but sources are calling this “a wake-up call.” If that’s true, then what the fuck would you call the episode of KUWTK when Kim measured his percent body fat?


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