No, Rob Kardashian And Blac Chyna Did Not Break Up

So after the world’s weirdest relationship between C-list celebrities Rob and Blac, it seemed like those two lovebirds were dunzo. It was an 8th grade classic. Rob deleted all of their Instagram photos together, and she posted a meme about being a hoe.

But it turns out they were just trolling us, Rob posted a pic of them to Insta and wrote a novel for a caption. Apparently, they want their relationship to be more private because of all the negativity. Tbh, most of that negativity is coming from his own family but whatever. Also, the privacy thing is confusing, since Blac Chyna legit filmed herself going through every item of food in Rob’s kitchen.

IDK about anybody else but I think Blac Chyna’s eye is going to haunt my dreams. I wish I could un-see this

The (other) worst part of this whole situation is that Rob made up a celebrity nickname for them: ChyRo. That sounds like the abbreviation for chiropractor. So now there’s Khlamar, Kyga, KimYe, and ChyRo. Kris must be so excited.


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