Blac Chyna And Rob Kardashian’s Facebook Live Was TMI

So Blac Chyna and Rob did their first Facebook Live, and people waiting for their Kylie Lip Kits to arrive in the mail watched it. While I’m obvi counting the minutes until this walking disaster finally implodes, the entire video is just so extra.

They met while getting blackout on Hennessey, which sounds like it’ll be a theme in their marriage. Their first date was at Khloé’s house and kept it a secret from the woman paying the bills. That’s hilarious because Khloé hated the entire relationship until a couple months ago. Chyna says that she romanced Rob with her cooking. IDK if that was really a challenge considering Rob’s obesity, but congrats?

Chyna’s nicknames for Rob are “Poom Poom” and “Jamie.” I’m assuming the first one is some gross sex thing. They’d also prefer Kylie to babysit, not Kendall. That’s probably for the best, since Kylie is not only an aunt, but also a step-mother to their child’s half-brother. It’s nice to know that they’re keeping this whole thing as incestuous as possible.

If Chyna doesn’t destroy this family within the next 5 years, I will honestly be so surprised. 


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