How To: Deal With A Rival

Being a betch means you’re the best, and you don’t stay the best without a few people trying to take your spot. We’re talking about your rival. A rival is someone that is not in your inner circle but is generally in your community, and she magically decides to want the same things you want, when you want them. For whatever reason, the universe has decided you and your rival will share an unusual amount of exes, go after similar jobs, and just generally be compared to each other, even when you don’t want to be.

Often times, your rival shares enough mutual friends with you that you still have to see her around at social functions, but you don’t invite her to events if you can help it. When you and your rival end up in the same place, there tends to be drama. It’s like when you have a fire, but then you add more fire, you might accidentally burn your house down. You’re both fine individually (ish), but when you’re together you are in battle mode.

girl fight

Your rival knows she’s your rival, because she likes competing with you for things. For example, if she sees you talking to a bro she wasn’t interested in before, chances are she’ll go after him just to spite you. Both of you claim you don’t hate the other, but your closest friends know who your rival is and would never put you two in the same room unless they were mad at you and trying to get you killed.

Your rival can be a betch, but she’s often too insecure to actually be one. On the surface level you seem like equals, but you’re actually better. Fucking duh. Her insecurities usually come from feeling not adequate enough unless she’s being compared to a confident betch like you, which is why she continues to go after things you have. You can usually tell you’re better because she’s the one trying to start beef, and not the other way around. Think Taylor Swift making “Bad Blood” just because her dancers decided they liked working for Katy Perry more, and Katy Perry not even dignifying it with a response.


We assume your rival spends way too much time thinking about you because she’s jealous, but we haven’t given it real thought so who knows. The thing is, your rival is obsessed with taking you down, while you are just slightly annoyed with her existence. If people stopped pitting you two together against each other, you wouldn’t even know who she was.

why are you so obsessed with me

However, your rival is probably more similar to you than you’d like to admit. Like, if it weren’t for that one ex you both dated, she could probably have been your bestie. But because you are both queen bees, you can’t coexist in the same friend group. Like, can you imagine if Regina George went to the same school as Blair Waldorf? They would either really get along or destroy each other and everything in their way. Probably the latter.

Blair Waldorf


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