Rita Ora Does The ‘Jingle Bell Rock’ Performance From ‘Mean Girls’

Love Magazine has a habit of doing an advent calendar of “sexy” videos (they’re the ones responsible for that abominable Kris Jenner video from last week), even though the internet is like 99% videos of girls fisting themselves or whatever it is you find “sexy.” Their catch, though, is that they use famous people, very few of whom fist themselves on the internet. That makes it all the more puzzling why Rita Ora was chosen for Saturday’s video. I mean I know she had that one song with Iggy Azalea and one time I read a magazine article that was SURE she would blow up soon, but I still don’t really know who she is.

Maybe that’s why she’s taking a cue from this very website, relying on humor from the decade-old movie Mean Girls in hopes of hitting it big. Here she is doing the talent show scene:

Pretty spot-on, and I personally appreciate the part at the end where she lifts up her skirt and flashes her butt. THAT’S A NICE TOUCH! Here’s an idea for a Christmas present: Someone buy Rita Ora an iPod, or at least, like, a discman so mishaps like this don’t happen again.


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