The Newest Celebrity Feud is Rita Ora Vs. Jay Z

Rita Ora committed social suicide back in December when she decided to sue her record label Roc Nation by Jay Z – ever heard of it? Nobody wants to risk being excommunicated by Beyonce. But now Jay-Z is about to kill her career; not with a diss-track, but with a countersuit.

Both lawsuits are over her contract with the company, which requires her to release 5 albums, but she’s only finished one and it was worse than anything by Little Mix. But to be fair, her collab with Chris Brown “Body on Me” was fire and she did her best to save “Black Widow” from Iggy Azalea. But Rita decided to throw herself a pity party because people at Roc Nation weren’t paying enough attention to her. She alleges that her “remaining supporters at the label left or moved on to other activities, to the point where she no longer had a relationship with anyone at the company.” Basically, it’s like how when you came back from studying abroad and your bestie had new friends, but instead of fucking her ex-bf you sued her for millions of dollars.

Jay Z DGAF about Rita and just wants her to GTFO. He’s allegedly just suing so he can “meet a court deadline,” but this has middle school girl pettiness written all over it. At this point, we really need a Judge Judy for celebrity legal feuds.


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