Big Ang Dies After Battle With Cancer, RIP

This morning we learned that the only reason to watch Mob Wives, Big Ang, lost her battle with cancer at age 55.  Hearts are broken in Staten Island and beyond. Big Ang was the most level-headed member of the Mob Wives crew and undoubtedly the betchiest.



She loved to drink, gave no fucks, wore the pants in her relationship, hated working out and was the “boss” of the group, leaving the drama to the BSCBs. Her personality was even bigger than her boobs and her one-liners will surely be missed.

The final season of Mob Wives is currently airing and it makes sense that it’s ending because this show could not go on without her.

We’ll definitely be doing shots in your honor tonight, Big Ang.



“I’m not here for a long time, I’m here for a good time.”



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