Riley Curry Is Back At It Again With The Cuteness

Pretty much everything Riley Curry does is pure gold. Should she be Betch-in-Training of the Week every week? Probably. Will we make that a thing just so we can bestow that honor upon her week after week? Also probably.

Tuesday, her dad, Steph Curry (maybe you’ve heard of him) was accepting an award for being the best basketball player in the universe this year or something. Ok, maybe it was just the league MVP trophy he was accepting, but that doesn’t really matter because Riley stole the show.

Of course she was looking adorable in high pigtails as she motioned to the reporters that she had her eyes on them. Sassy move, Riley. Let people know where they stand with you.

She’s been bringing the hits ever since she entered the spotlight last year during the NBA playoffs. Tuesday’s power move just proved she’s still on the top of her game, way up, and blessed. 



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