Rihanna Taking Her Wine Glass Everywhere Is All Of Us

Rihanna is an OG betch. She’s hot AF, she’s the girl you wanna get shit faced with, and she literally made millions of dollars from mumbling “work” for a solid three minutes. #LifeGoals. But just in case you needed another reason to love her, she’s developed a habit of taking her wine with her when she leaves restaurants. And not in some peasant-y styrofoam to-go cup. She takes the fucking glass. LOL.

So apparently this MTV dude, who’s even more obsessed with Rihanna than I am, has spotted RiRi dipping out of places, wine glass in hand, on multiple occasions. I can’t even with the amazingness of this rn. It’s not like I condone petty theft or anything. Rihanna just doesn’t give a fuck. And I relate to the dilemma here. Sometimes you’re done with dinner, but you’re not done with your sav b. Do you chug it? Do you just stay until you’re finished? Do you waste a perfectly good glass of wine? Not if you’re Rihanna, you don’t. You peace TF out and do you.

Just as a basic life rule, always do what Rihanna would do. Except for dating Chris Brown. Definitely don’t do that.


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