Rihanna Announced A Questionable-Looking Collab With Manolo Blahnik

Rihanna and Manolo Blahnik just announced that they are collaborating on a shoe collection, and it’s like 100% fucking denim. 

The shoe collection is appropriately named Denim Desserts and will be released on May 5. Vogue published some pics of the collection, so let’s rip them apart.

This pair of denim boots are attached to a belt? You know you’re getting maybe two wears tops out of these chaps-inspired boots. And good fucking luck going to the bathroom.

According to Vogue, “The collection comprises six limited-edition designs, priced between  £541 and £2,458, which will be available in London, New York and Hong Komg [sic] stores exclusively.”

Translation: The collection has six different pairs of incredibly painful satanic shoes that will immediately sell out, but that really doesn’t matter because you definitely can’t afford them anyway. Also, we’re fucking idiots and spelled Hong Kong incorrectly.

We can’t wait to see the full shoe collection, Riri! Hopefully it isn’t released as late as your last album! #werkwerkwerkwerkwerkwerkashimaayamawerkwerkwerkwerkwerkwerk


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