Did Leo and Rihanna Make Out in A Paris Club?

According to internet accounts from real life accounts, probably, Leonardo DiCaprio and Rihanna were seen kissing in a club in Paris. Hold up, back up. One account has them “kissing” but it should be noted that this account was in Page Six and like, I mean.

Whatever the truth is, it does seem like Rihanna and Leo were hanging out at some point at the same club in Paris. More than likely Page Six doesn’t know what they’re talking about because they claim the two were spotted at the club L’Etoile, and L’Etoile hasn’t existed since 2010. Well, it’s reopened since as L’Arc, anyway.

More importantly, Cara Delevingne came with Rihanna, and they were spotted talking to Leo at points in the night. Though another report says they left separately.

If Miley and Liam are getting back together, then honestly we don’t really know what’s happening anymore. Rihanna is bad ass and Leo is getting over his delicate VS models, so anything can happen. 



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