Rihanna Is Probably Launching A Makeup Line

So because she can do no wrong, Rihanna has decided to expand her empire into the beauty world. Apparently she opened up (and by opened up I mean was unlawfully confronted) about launching a makeup line of her own someday. Some journalistic betch at Refinery 29 asked RiRi about the trademark she registered for “Fenty Beauty” last year (Fenty, being Rihanna’s IRL surname). Then Rihanna was like “uhm….how’d you know about that? Do you even go here?” Awkz.


She basically then went on to explain that launching a makeup line is something she’s always wanted to do, and then promised that she’d find time for it one day. You know, in between smoking a shit ton of weed and tweeting out some of the finest poetry from the 21st century.

IDK what kind of makeup items the line would include but my bets are on some pretty buckwild and unnecessary things like electric blue lipstick. Also probably anything to do with weed/smoking weed and nipples. Just some of RiRi’s fave things, y’know?

All I can say is betch better take my money.


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