Rihanna Didn’t Perform Last Night Because She Pulled a Karen Smith and Got Sick

After waiting approximately a century for her new album, Rihanna is making us wait again for a live performance. She’s more of a tease than a freshmen virgin flirting with a boy on her hall. Tbh 2016 has been musically overwhelming – Rihanna and Kanye released new albums and Beyonce announced a tour. It’s more than me and my Spotify playlists can handle.

Rihanna was supposed to perform “Kiss Me Better” at the Grammy’s last night but had to cancel because she’s “sick.” Apparently she has bronchitis, but as the song goes, ain’t nobody got time for that. She’s afraid of “permanently damaging her vocal cords,” which seemed pretty legit in Pitch Perfect, so many this was a good decision.


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