Reese Witherspoon Still Fits Into Her Legally Blonde Outfits, What Like It’s Hard?

Legally Blonde is honestly the gift that keeps on giving. Besides the iconic quotes and the best breakup victory ever, it’s a constant reminder that law school is always a great backup plan. If the fact that there are Olympic athletes who were born in 2000 doesn’t make you feel ancient, Legally Blonde‘s 15th anniversary should put you over the edge.

Well Reese Witherspoon celebrated the anniversary by reminding us all that she is a time-defying goddess and recreating the movie’s best moments on Snapchat. She does the bend a snap with the added grace of a woman whose been doing daily pilates for 15 years.

Then she did a full tour of Elle’s best outfits. Including the admissions video bikini, the Playboy bunny Halloween costume, the breakup dress—it makes her boobs look too big—and her first day at Harvard Law outfit.The fugly beret she wore to orientation even made an appearance.

So thank you to Reese Witherspoon for bringing us Elle Woods who taught us that we must always have faith in ourselves. Plus she basically predicted the 2016 Election: “whoever said orange is the new pink was seriously disturbed.” 


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