40 Thoughts We’ve All Had About Reese Witherspoon

1. She’s so pretty.
2. Elle Woods!!
3. Legally Blonde is literally the best.
4. Maybe I should go to law school!

5. I was president of my sorority, too!
6. But I also like to black out on Wednesdays.
7. LMAO I should definitely NOT go to law school.
8. She’s so damn pretty.
9. She’s pretty but approachable in, like, a fun best friend kind of way.

10. I hate her for being so pretty.
11. She’s so skinny. Does she eat?
12. Of course she eats! She’s perfect!
13. I wonder what she’s eating right now.
14. Probably a salad. Healthy bitch.

16. Why didn’t Reese and Matthew McConaughey end up together?
17. Oh yeah, he’s probably crazy.
18. That movie has to be on ABC Family right now.
19. ABC Family is Freeform now. Ew.

20. Is she actually from Alabama? Brb googling.
21. Nope, she’s from New Orleans.
22. I want to go to Mardi Gras with her.
23. She must be the best mom.
24. I bet she lets her kids eat like whatever they want.
25. Her sons are named Deacon and Tennessee??
26. I hate celebrities so much sometimes.
27. Ava is a cute name for a girl though.
28. #tbt to when she won an Oscar for Walk the Line.

29. That movie was boring AF but Reese is flawless.
30. She has to be the prettiest person to ever win an Oscar.
31. Ooh but Alicia Vikander.
32. Nope, Reese is prettier. And not Swedish.
33. Ryan Phillippe must be a dumbass to mess things up with her.

34. Eh, her new husband is cuter.
35. Remember when they got arrested together for drunk driving?

36. Good times.
37. I would yell at a cop if I were as pretty as Reese Witherspoon.
38. She really is so fucking pretty.
39. God I love her.
40. HAPPY 40TH, REESE!!!


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