Rebel’s First Aid Kit For A Super Fun Night Out

If you haven't been living under a rock, you know that Rebel Wilson is starring in a new show on ABC called SuperFun Night. She's playing a girl named Kimmie Boubier, a lawyer who spends every Friday night inside with her besties. However (as the title implies), Rebel and her friends will soon be having a ladies night not on the couch. So in celebration of Rebel's new show, here's our list of going out essentials.

Phone – Don't even get us started on the mystery that is how people went out and socialized with friends before cell phones. How did they find each other!? Like you would have to have a specific schedule with times and addresses written down to know where your night was taking you. Insanity.

Mophie charger case – Because every betch gets so many texts that her phone is usually on 50% by the end of the pre-pregame. We love expensive iPhone cases but there's nothing better than one that's both expensive and refills your battery when it dies at midnight.

Makeup – Nothing excessive, no one's trying to wait for you to fully reapply your smokey eye in the bar bathroom.

Wallet – Credit cards, your parents' credit cards, ID, and your health insurance card if the night has real potential. Also your passport if you're abroad because you know…Taken.

Band Aids – Accidents happen.

Gum – Great for all the obvious reasons like making your breath smell good and to use as a chaser when the bartender is taking too long to bring you limes.

Hair things – Sweaty clubs are not a place to flaunt your naturally curly hair that you iron to death to convince everyone it's straight. And you should bring hair things for your friends too, because as much as you don't want to look like a lioness you don't want to be seen with one either.

Sponsored by Super Fun Night, premiering tonight at 9:30 8:30c on ABC.


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