Really? Rosé & Chocolate Is A Thing Now

As if the White Girl Rosé and rosé flavored gummy bears weren’t enough, you can now buy horrifically pink chocolate that’s infused with rosé. Compartés, one of those fancy-schmancy chocolatiers, has combined this summer’s hottest trend with every basic betch’s favorite snack – white chocolate. It’s gluten free so you won’t gain as much weight as you would if you were to eat any other chocolate bar.

Just kidding, white chocolate is the most fattening. Beware. 

They’re 10 bucks, but only if you live in L.A. If you live anywhere else in the world, you have to pay $18 to get your hands on one ($9.95 for the bar, $8.95 for shipping). If it comes in a gold case, I can justify paying that obscene shipping charge for a fucking bar of chocolate.

This dainty snack is tinted the shade of pink Elle Woods would love and comes decked in edible, crystallized rose petals. Betches everywhere have dubbed summer rosé season, so grab daddy’s credit card and stock up before summer ends.


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