Reality TV Junkie? You’re Probably A Narcissist

Bad news for pretty much everyone reading this site right now: a new study found people who watch reality TV are more narcissistic. I can’t say it’s exactly a surprising revelation—I guess you are what you watch, even if what you watch is shitty people being shitty. Still not the most comforting tho.

Anyway, this study, which was published in a scholarly journal called Psychology of Popular Media Culture, took a group of 565 college students and then asked them to self-report how much TV they watched of various genres, and how much time they spent watching TV overall. Then, they had them take some personality test that measures your narcissism. Side note, can I get a copy of this test so I can administer it to some all of my recent ex-boyfriends?

My poor life choices aside, you guessed it: people who reported watching a lot of shitty reality TV also scored higher on the narcissism scale. Ugh, whatever. My dad already gives me enough shit for watching trashy shows—or as he likes to put it, “people debasing themselves on national television”—and I don’t need it from the scientific community, too. Can I live??

Also, interestingly, people who reported watching a lot of sporting events, thrillers and political talk shows were also likely to be full of themselves. The third one I’m not surprised by. I am also not surprised that dudebros who watch sports are super into themselves. But considering all I watch are reality TV shows (and their subsequent spin-offs) and crime dramas, I guess I’m pretty fucked. PSA to anyone trying to date me: I’m probably a narcissist.

Oh wait, nobody’s trying to date me. Phew, I’m good.


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