Real World Roundup: Puppy Bowl Recap? Anyone? Anyone?

There must be something in the water at the voiceover headquarters of children's shows. About a month ago it was revealed that the voice of Elmo was accused of having sex with underage boys. Now the voice of Charlie Brown has been arrested for stalking and threatening some random person that hasn't been revealed. There might be lot of money in rehabs for former child voice actors who can't function normally in society. Watch out Steve from Blue's Clues, you're next. Read article >>

TG it's the best day ever as the Puppy Bowl lineup has been revealed. For anyone who's never seen the Puppy Bowl, it's essentially a bunch of puppies in a pen that looks like a football stadium playing around and occasionally dry humping each other. It's really cute for 5 minutes or like 2 hours if you're high. Puppy bowl recap? Anyone? Anyone? Read article >>

Hillary Clinton is taking a break from looking for Amelia Earhart's remains, wearing scrunchies, dancing with drunk women, and getting blackout concussions to testify at the Benghazi hearings, where she “teared up.” Poor Hills. Now I don't know what the Benghazi hearings are exactly but it's all over the internet so check it out. Libyan embassies are like, so random. Read article >>


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