Real World Roundup: Prince Harry off to Afghanistan to Fight War on Clothes

Russians love group sex. Or so their leader (Putin, for those of you who are too well informed) seems to imply. He says group sex is a great way to relax and have some of the burden taken off of you. This guy must be a real firecracker in bed if he thinks about it in terms of work input vs. work output. The real story here is what he was commenting on, the Russian Pussy Riot where Russians had a naked orgy in a museum and filmed it. Sounds like some people are drinking way too much Svedka at their #23 pregames. Read article >>

And that's why you don't write Yelp reviews. One woman created a fake sex profile for someone who wrote a negative review of her restaurant online. The restaurant owner woman wrote to the reviewer's bosses pretending to be her saying, “I am open to anything — couples, threesomes and group sex…Am especially into transsexuals and transgenders (being one myself ). I am … a tiger in the bedroom.” We have to say this is pretty fucked up but actual quite hysterical. I'd frequent this restaurant with the shitty reviews if only to meet the BSCB who wrote it. She clearly knows how to take an arch nemesis down…that is until she was thrown in jail. Read article >>

Prince Harry is being shipped off to Afghanistan. And you thought Diana had it bad… Harry just started a 4 month combat tour for the British military where he allegedly proclaimed he wanted to be 'the first ginger to strip naked in an Afghan luxury hotel….oh and like, fight the terrorists and shit.” Although his reps claim this is no way a punishment for his Vegas funtivities and that his trip was a last fun thing before he left, we think this is the Queen's way of letting everyone know that you fuck with the crown and you're outie, motherfucker. Read article >>

It looks like Hollywood's latest couple may be Rihanna and Katy Perry. Although not confirmed, these series of pictures look like Katy is seriously considering kissing Rihanna and liking it. Besties? Or maybe more? Between Rihanna's new les haircut and Katy's penchant for singing about women, it looks like Chris Brown and Russell Brand may have had the honors of being such shitty boyfriends/husbands that they made two former betches of the week bat for other teams. Read article >>


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