Real World Roundup: Miley Cyrus Thinks She’s Robyn, Winds Up Dancing On Her Own

Not surprisingly, there's a new site called snapchat sluts which features all the skanky pictures you and your besties have been sexting. Not that we haven't already mentioned that #79 sexting is dangerous before, but if you're using snapchat you clearly already know you can't trust the douchebag you're sending the pic to, seeing as you're giving him a 10 second deadline. So naturally, he will figure out a way to take a screen shot of your boobs and then he will post it on snapchat sluts, in addition to sending it out to his fraternity list serve. Fucking duh. Read article>>

Lindsay Lohan has gone out to a New York City nightclub and managed to not get arrested or a DUI. This is actually a headline on TMZ. You know you're a fuck up if your evening out at Catch and Avenue ending without an arrest is just as newsworthy as the time you were fighting with your mom over an 8-ball. Read article>>

Charlie Sheen seems to have taken a benevolent turn in his douchiness. When he's not lending money to Lindsay Lohan to pay her taxes he's giving money to kids with cancer to help them get treatments. What gives, Charlie? Did you become like a good person or is this just a brilliant yet expensive PR move? Read article>>

Miley Cyrus apparently thinks she died and was reincarnated as Robyn. Lately she's been sporting an even shorter haircut and wearing some freaky retro shit including high-waisted pants and knee-high snakeskin boots. In addition, she's wearing a shirt that doesn’t do her any favors which might be the real issue. Read article>>


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