Real World Roundup: Maloof Gives Paul Nassif the Hoof

Guess what RHOBH fans, the happiest couple ever, Adrienne Maloof and Paul Nassif are separating. Honestly we could've never seen this coming, what with their blissful relationship and low frequency of televised screaming matches. We only hope the upcoming season closely explores their crumbling marriage so as to keep their divorce proceedings nearly as classy as the Beverly Hills mansion they're about to fight over. Read article>>

Beacon of attention-seeking hope, Lady Gaga, has decided to do the smart thing and post scanday nude pictures of herself. She thought that taking a cue from Kim Kardashian might boost her profile but she was clearly wrong, considering I'm pretty sure no one really knows or cares about these pictures. If you're so curious to see the uncensored pic you can look at it in the article but we personally felt it rude to burden our readers with the image of Gaga's vagine. Read article>>

Attention fans of Mad Men, Larry David, and HBO, aka everything that matters to us in life. There's a tentative deal for Jon Hamm to be in a new LD show. And I officially only hate humanity half as much as I did this morning. Read article>>

In this sketchy article we found on sketchy Yahoo, there's speculation that James Holmes originally planned to shoot just Christian Bale and Anne Hathaway before deciding fuck it, I'm just going to shoot up a theater full of completely innocent civilians watching a movie with them in it. This leads us to the most offensive game of Would You Rather? we've ever played. Read article>>


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