Real World Roundup: Linzlo Officially Has More Arrests Than Movie Roles

Reese Witherspoon is set to produce and possibly star in the film adaption of Gone Girl, one of our favorite the only books that we've read of all time. If Reese can channel her inner Tracey Flick from Election, we bet she'd make a great Amy Dunne. As for her douchebag husband, we're hoping she does some charity work and gives the part to her washed out ex, Ryan Phillipe, in hopes that life imitates art. Read article>>

It wouldn't be a Thursday morning in New York without the city waking up to another Blackout Wednesday arrest of Lindsay Lohan outside of some club. This morning is no different and the club was Avenue. Apparently Lindsay punched some bitch in the face and then got into the front seat of a car which drove off before she was arrested by the cops. Maybe Lindz was upset that Liz & Dick wasn't the Emmy-worthy masterpiece that no one except her thought it would be. Maybe she's just having a rough week. Sorry Mandy Bynes, I think November's fuck up of the month goes to Lohan. Read article>>

In this entertaining bit of news, a NYC dad was clearly upset that his daughter failed to #8 not fuck bros so he went to her school  “swinging a heavy chain with a padlock” while threatening to “fight anyone in his path,” all while demanding, “Who's fucking my daughter?” I mean granted this is intensely embarrassing but there's something to having such a ballsy dad who's willing to get arrested to beat up guys who touch you. Read article>>

Word on the street is the Jessica Simpson is pregnant again just seven months after giving birth to her daughter. Being that Jess has a deal Weight Watchers to lose 70 pounds for millions of dollars we have to wonder if Jessica just loves being fat or what the fuck is going on. Like why lose all this weight just to gain it back again. Just do what the housewives in my hometown do and pop them all out then get a tummy tuck. The grossest thing about this possible revelation: someone actually fucked Jessica Simpson while she was 70 pounds overweight. Read article>>


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