Real World Roundup: Lindsay Lohan Has A New Secret Sister, Who’s Surprised?

Two of the scariest people in New York, Robert DeNiro and Jay-Z got into a fight at Leonardo DiCaprio's bday party at the Darby the other night. Apparently Jay-Z came over to say hi to his old white friend and Bob yelled at him being like “I called you six times. You never returned my calls. And don’t pretend you were napping.” Jay-Z tried to joke it off saying he was bad with the phone and shit but Bobby went into scary Analyze This mode and was like, “that's bullshit. I was in Little Fockers I'm a big fucking deal.” We love #25 drunken betch brawls, especially when they're between rich, old bros. Read article>>

TMZ has prematurely revealed a video tape of Michael Lohan that will air on the Trisha Goddard Show tonight. Now I'm not sure what the fuck that is but it looks like a sleazy talk show on par with Maury Povich or Jerry Springer. Anyway, the show reveals that Michael IS the father to a teenage girl conceived in 1995, between the years of the younger two Lohan births. Looks like Lindsay has a half sister and she's nowhere near as hot as the Lohan clan. Douchebag Mikey L then tries to hug his estranged daughter who's like, chill out I just met you this is crazy. Here's my number. Call me, maybe. Read article>>

For more in celebrity feuds Chelsea Handler said she wants Donald Trump to 'go the fuck away' on her show after talking about his feud with Cher where she tweeted that she wouldn't shop at Macy's because they sold Donald Trump's line of douchey clothing. We're sure Donny will fire back at Chels insulting like the amount of sex she has or something but if we were him we wouldn't fuck with Chelsea. She's a mean betch and she will tear him the fuck apart. That or she will get Chuy to pretend he's a lovechild of The Donald's. Read article>>

The Winklevii twins are back and this time they're over Facebook. They're withdrawing a million dollars worth of Facebook shares to invest in fashion. The twins are investing in Hukkster, a shopping site which alerts users when items they “Hukk” (like) are discounted. We knew those crew uniforms and designer suits they sported in the Social Network were too nice for these bros to not share a metrosexual love of fashion in their perfect identical twin-genes jeans. We just can't wait for their sequel to the Social Network: The Home Shopping Network. Tales of rich twins who try to buy shit on sale. Read article>>


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