Real World Roundup: Lindsay Lohan Celebrates End of Court Day by Blacking Out

Our favorite train wreck Lindsay Lohan was not only seen wearing a see through pants over skirt getup to her court date, but some Ke$ha wannabe threw glitter all over her. It's fine though because after receiving her mandatory 90 day court sentence, Linds Lo went out and got blackout. This betch still knows how to spring break. Read article >> 

Justin Timberlake has confirmed that his latest album 'The 20/20 experience' will have a companion CD also to be released in 2013. Great to hear JT, but let’s be real we just want you to host SNL forever. Read article >>

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are, yet again, on the rocks. They are taking some time apart, but calm the fuck down everyone, the wedding has not yet been called off. Smoke some salvia, cut your hair like another harry potter character, and have a heart to heart with your dad, you’ll be fine. Read article >>


So much for Betch of the Week J Law, Bradley Cooper has a new lady that is too young for him. He has been seen out with model Suki Waterhouse (what is this, True Blood?). Read article >>


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