Real World Roundup: Justin Timberlake’s Big Fat Gay Wedding

Karrueche Tran wants everyone to know that she's not giving up Chris Brown so easily. Despite being the post breakup betch after Chris dumped her for Rihanna (sort of?) a few weeks ago, she says she will try to continue to hook up with him despite him hooking up with Rihanna. Talk about betch arch nemeses. Does Chris Brown have like a froyo flavored dick or something because it seems like he can beat the shit out of girls and cheat on them and they'll still run back for more? This SAB must be stopped. Read article>>

In case we weren't 100% sure Justin Timberlake is gay, this article in People pretty much confirms it, spilling all the gay wedding details. From Jessica's pink dress (sure she's not a virgin, but that doesn't mean she's actually had sex with Justin) to Justin's flamboyant song he wrote for Jess as she walked down the aisle, to the Tom Ford suit that he helped design, this has all the making of a Cameron and Mitchell style gay fiesta under the watchful eyes of Justin's celebrity crush, Leonardo Da Vinci. Not to mention the most gay thing about this, Justin is doing a Tom Cruise inspired jump while Jess just sits there, and we all know how that inspirational Italian wedding went… Read article>>

Surprise, surprise. Kate Middleton spends a lot of money on how she looks. Australian Vogue estimates her yearly beauty spendings at about $160,000 a year so the Brits will be happy to know their taxes are going up in order to pay for bi-weekly spray tans for Kate. But in reality, after having spent this much money on expensive hair and skin shit in addition to all her clothes, dare we say she should look…a little hotter? Read article>>

Emma Watson will be headed back to Brown in 2013 and continue to make us wonder if she is truly a lesbian. Emma enjoys the weirdos there, claiming, “My best friend at Brown has never seen a 'Harry Potter' movie or read the books,” Watson said. “And one guy I dated didn't know anything about the films, much less that I was one of the stars, which I found hilarious.” Sounds like Emma is making Brown a poster school for weirdos who have no idea what the fuck is going on. Read article>>



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