Real World Roundup: Justin Bieber Makes Selena Gomez One More Lonely Girl

We've known this for a while already but we thought we would remind you that Mary-Kate Olsen's boyfriend is old as fuck. And he's also the half brother to the president of France. This is kind of like a twisted version of Passport to Paris. Read article>>

Kevin Clash, who does the voice of Elmo on Sesame Street is taking a leave of absence since he's been accused of having sex with a 16 year old boy, 7 years ago. Although he denies the claim, I guess parents are a little worried that the voice behind “tickle me Elmo” could have devious other motives. Then again, if there's nothing homoerotic about Bert and Ernie's adventures, I really have to reevaluate the notion of two close men living together. Read article>>

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have broken up, much to the excitement of millions of tween girls around the world. The Biebs got his heart broken about a week ago due to Selena's trust issues and a lot of time apart. Now that he's eighteen it's time for Justin to start ending his nice guy routine and fucking mad starlets. I bet Taylor Swift is already scouting his neighborhood for houses on the market. Justin is, after all, older than her old boyfriend, junior at Deerfield Academy, Connor Kennedy. Read article>>

Revolting ex-bachelor Ben Flajnik has weighed in on Courtney Robertson's relationship with Emily reject, Arie Lyundlfajfds. He's quoted as saying, “I'm glad there is a new guy… see certain things in the media and I wonder, did I ever really know her? I try to avoid it all together.” Um sorry Ben, but to that we have to say, fucking duh you idiot. You're like the clueless Daniel Grayson of The Bachelor series. Read article>>



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