Real World Roundup: Hashtag Jameson Officially Trendiest Newborn in America

In a display of an archaic school list serv, NYU students discovered that they could reply all to almost 40,000 of their peers. And they did. For like over 24 hours. This is even funnier than what happened when we started abusing our sorority list serve, as it's funnier to imagine the random nicegirl in your bio class being appalled at people emailing each other to 'fuck off'. Then you get to see her nicegirl response pleading with people to “stop! I'm trying to study.” Read article>>

A child that will perpetually be made fun of has been named “Hashtag Jameson”. That's right, first name hashtag as in a way to spread stupid trends on twitter and instagram. Last name Jameson as in the drinks that bros consume before they try to fuck you. This sounds like the daughter of a douchebag and a sadly pop culture obsessed freak. This alone should be a reason some people have to be sterilized. Read article>>

Yoko Ono has released a new fashion line based on hand drawn illustrations she gave John Lennon at their wedding and if the pictures are any indications this bitch is a huge freak. The clothes have hand prints by the penises and testicles on hoodies. Other hot items include a bandeau bra for men (alas, exactly what the fashion world has been missing) and a $200 jock strap with an LED light at the penis. How much crack has Yoko been smoking that she actually designed this shit. The world may never know but I think it's time for her to get out of the yellow submarine. Read article>>

Demi Moore is back in Cougar town and her new boyfriend is 26 years old. Demi is dating Vito Schnabel, an art dealer with a knack for dating old as fuck celebs like Heather Locklear and a 9-years-his-senior Liv Tyler. He may be 26, but he actually looks like my 15 year old weed dealer although he's got a nice tan. I guess a betch has got to do what she's got to do after releasing Ashton into Mila Kunis' wild. Chill though, Demi, this reeks of TTH. Stop dating boys who look like they're 16 and spend more time planning your daughter's sweet 16. Read article>>




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