Real World Roundup: Charlie Sheen Makes Donation to Linzlo’s Cocaine Fund, Yay!

In the wake of Jennifer Aniston's impending nuptials it looks like Brad Pitt is being whipped into shape by a jealous Angie, as he's declaring that they plan to wed very soon. Brad said, after checking with Angelina and making sure not to shut the door on his vagina “I am getting more pressure from my kids, and it is something I want to do within their lifetime, but I also feel like the time has come.” Thanks Brad, good to know the wedding will be within the next 70 years, as that's how long your kids will probably live. Read article>>

Charlie Sheen has given Lindsay Lohan $100,000 to help pay off her tax debt to the IRS. The two, who filmed a cameo scene for Scary Movie 5 are arguably the biggest jokes in Hollywood so it's nice that they can bond over this and lend each other money they would've otherwise used on booze. No word on whether or not Lindsay will use the money to pay off the IRS or do what we would expect, buy cocaine and tables at the Dream Hotel. Read article>>

Tamara Ecclestone, older sister of former Betch of the Week Petra has no shame about her 1 million dollar handbag collection, which includes over 30 Birkins. In possibly the betchiest quote of the year, Tamara has said of her convo with her dad about too much shopping: “Sometimes he's like, 'Another handbag, Tamara? That's a bit nuts'…I think he's glad that I'm not hurting other people. I've never been to rehab. It could be worse.” Way to pull Lena Dunham's “I could have a pill addiction, just give me some fucking money” excuse. Hey I mean if it works for me it should work for Tamara. Read article>>

Justin Bieber claims it's not his fault that his fans go fucking nuts and start screaming louder than people who are literally on fire whenever he so much as points at them. Some mom is trying to sue the Biebs for over 9 million dollars for suffering major hearing loss at one of his concerts. Earth to fucking idiot moms, don't go to Justin Bieber concerts if you can't take loud music. It's pretty much known to everyone in the free world that Justin has the loudest, most annoying tween fans in the universe. If you want to go to a mellow, noise free concert try Phish. Read article>>




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