Real World Roundup: @BadGalRiRi Masters the Art of Insta Selfies

@BadGalRiRi talks to Complex magazine to give them tips for taking the perfect Instagram selfie. Rihanna says “Get a good light…get a good angle on what's working for you that day…If it's boobs, make sure you hit that. If it's face, make sure it's fierce.” With these kind of creative deep thoughts it's a wonder that RiRi didn't go to college. Read article >>

The creator of Barney the purple dinosaur's 27 year old son has been arrested for attempted murder after shooting a guy in the chest. I guess that's what happens when you're raised by a mom who is clearly tripping on acid long enough to develop the concept of a huge purple dinosaur that loves hugging children and singing creepy songs for the entirety of your youth. Read article >>

Twenty-one year old teen mom Jenelle Evans is knocked up again with her second child by her new husband Courtland Rogers. Janelle, who looks frighteningly similar to Kristen Stewart in my opinion, was just recently on an episode of Teen Mom 2 displaying the funniest, shittiest parenting I've ever seen. She actually told her lawyer that she couldn’t possibly make her court date because she had a Ke$ha concert and she already got her hair extensions for it. We're sure she'll make a great mom the second time around once she and her own mom stop verbally abusing each other for twenty minutes on my TV screen every week. Read article >>

Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey have engaged in the betchiest brawl of all time, one that most bestie circles are not immune from: who knows Mean Girls better? After Mariah said “I want to lose three pounds” and Nicki gave her a real suggestion on how to do it, M dog shot back being all like “it's a quote from Mean Girls. Fucking duh” and Nicki's all like “I know Mean Girls!” and Mariah's all like “yeah right bitch. Then who said that line?” and Nicki's all like “I don't know.” Sorry Nicki. Not knowing that Regina George said “I want to lose three pounds” is social suicide.  Read Article >>


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