Real World Roundup: Deadmau5 Proposed to Kat Von D on Twitter… a Sentence I Never Thought I’d Say

Yet another reason to confirm my theory that poor people are of a different species. Apparently someone was waiting for their check at Denny’s, so long that they got pissed and lit a Christmas tree in the restaurant on fire. I mean that’s one way to demand better service. I would have just had the waiter fired, but as Karen Walker would say, poor people are just plain clever! Read Article>>

So they have created a line of nail polish inspired by Girls. Not the gender, the show. As in the show about 20 something Brooklyn hipsters whose style I would want to emulate less than that of Kim Jong Il’s. So no, I will not be spending practically an eighth’s worth of marijuana on this shit. Yeah, the set runs at $45, so the obvious irony here being that not a single fucking character on Girls could even afford to buy it. If Hannah even has the ability to get her shit together enough to paint her nails, you know it’s with a 3 dollar bottle of Revlon quick-dri from a Greenpoint Duane Reade. Read Article>>

In news of apologies that absolutely no one fucking cares about, the homewrecking slut who somehow still reminds me of a fat virgin, K Stew, is STILL apologizing for cheating on R Patz. The worst part of her continuing to bring this up is the obvious unpleasantry of knowing someone actually fucked K Stew. I mean sure she dated Rob, but I always assumed they were under some binding contract that required them to date until Twilight was over, and R Patz is actually incredibly gay. I mean what straight guy do you know with skin that fucking sparkly? Read Article>>

Deadmau5 proposed to Kat Von D on Twitter… A sentence I never thought I'd say. Ok so this article is from Saturday so you all may be screaming BOO OLD NEWS to which we protest – “do you honestly think we follow the news on the weekend?” Right, so these two are engaged, Deadmau5 proposed via tweeting a picture of the ring that he plans to change to a black diamond and he's soo sorry for the JPG. Kat's all like, omg yes, fiancé, tattoos, I'm an artist, omg, skulls, death, mushy gothic bullshit. If this is real, then I imagine this engagment is going to last as long it took Deadmau5 to figure out how to use Paint to make his engagment picture, somewhere under 140 characters hours. But if they do get to some form of wedding I bet Dead's scary ass cat, Piaf, that he stole from Rachel Green is going to be the ring bearer. Unless this was all just an inside joke between the two love crows… well then, you got us! Wow, that was a good one. Now let me go back to tweeting things of consequence, like how I'm really upset Instagram is going to steal my pictures of me and my Pomeranian making out. Read Article>>


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