Ralph Lauren is retiring and country clubs will never be the same

Ralph Lauren is retiring, so go binge shop to channel your feelings. If you didn’t automatically reach for a perfectly cut Polo shirt, then you’re tacky, and I hate you.

Ralph Lauren is one of the big three in American fashion. He, Donna Karen, and Calvin Klein form the holy trinity of American designers. He’s designed the gowns you didn’t want to puke over at the Oscars, outfits for the Olympic Team, and the fuck boi uniform.

Stefan Larsson was hired to become the new CEO, but Ralph will stay on as Chairman and Chief Creative Officer to make sure Stefan doesn’t fuck it up too much. Stefan was formerly the President of Old Navy, so basically Ralph Lauren didn’t fit into the size 3 and is actually trying Sears. Let’s just all pray this doesn’t become another Jenna Lyons J. Crew debacle. 


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