Hipsters In Brooklyn Are Now Selling Rainbow Colored Bagels

Ever want to feel like you were tripping on LSD at 8 in the morning when you are trying to rush to work? Well lucky for you, some hipsters in Brooklyn have got you covered. The Bagel Store in Brooklyn is now selling rainbow bagels. Yes, I repeat bright, very bright, rainbow colored bagels.



I mean I know they are trying to appeal to all of us Insta-crazed millenials always on the look out for a good photo op, but I consider myself kind of a bagel traditionalist so I don’t know if I could bring myself to actually eat one of these. Also, I know we are all thinking that these things will taste sweet because of the colors, but it says they are normal “plain” bagels, just with way too much artificial coloring. But I feel like lox and cream cheese would be ruined by the rainbow overload. So, sounds pretty disgusting taste wise, but in the “see I know cool Brooklyn stuff” these things might be off the charts. So go get that insta before all the basics ruin it.  


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