Rachel Roy Steps Out In Public Looking Like A Homeless Kardashian

As we all know by now because of Beyonce’s BOMB new album Lemonade, Rachel Roy is apparently someone we care about. After canceling an appearance for a “personal emergency” in New York, Rachel Roy finally showed her face and “good hair” yesterday in LA.  

Putting all the Yoncé drama aside, can we talk about what the fuck she is wearing?!

1. Are those fucking Havaianas? What are those, my shower shoes for my disgusting dorm bathroom?
2. Get that Tumi-ass roller suitcase out of here.
3. A white Hanes tshirt, ripped blue jeans that give the flattering illusion of cankles, and a green army jacket that we totally haven’t seen before and isn’t in every betch on this planet’s closet.
4. R.R. monogramed bag, is that standing for Rachel Roy or Recycled (and) Ratchet? (Okay, that’s a bit harsh, but the Behive has been hit! Get ready for the beystings!)
5. Planning on going skiing in Aspen with those goggles, Rach?

And what makes all of this worse? Rachel Roy is a FASHION DESIGNER. In fact, I wore one of her dresses to a school dance in high school, and I couldn’t be more ashamed of myself right now. Rachel Roy, you have so much explaining to do. 


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