Rachel Roy Just Became Becky With The Bad Email Accounts

So it turns out that Becky with the good hair has a shitty Gmail password. Rachel Roy filed court documents with the LA police department because her iCloud and Gmail got hacked. Rachel thinks that Beyoncé fans hacked her accounts—and somehow changed her cell phone number—after she posted that Insta with the caption “Good hair don’t care.” This is just more proof that Instagram captions are absolutely essential life choices.

Rachel Roy Becky With The Good Hair

If her allegations are true (LAPD is on the case) then Rachel Roy would have been bullied off of social media and had her privacy violated just because somebody on the internet decided she had an affair with Jay Z. Don’t let anybody tell you that pop music Beyoncé isn’t powerful.

Beyonce Sorry

She should create a support group with Hillary Clinton for email hack victims—maybe even write a how-to guide.


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