Rachel McAdams Wants A ‘Mean Girls’ Reunion, Literally Same

Fresh off of the iconic October 3rd anniversary of everyone’s favorite movie, Rachel McAdams has announced she’d be down to do a Mean Girls reunion. That’s the best news since the last Lululemon sale. But if you want to feel absolutely ancient—in case Space Jam‘s 20th anniversary weren’t enough—Rachel McAdams is 37 now, which is like 78 in girl world.

If you’ve been living under a rock, Tina Fey is writing a Mean Girls musical aka a betchier version of Hamilton. Rachel would love to star in the production, probably as the Queen Bee of the PTA. The plot line has to involve a Snapchat scandal and a Facebook inbox version of the Burn Book, which Regina distributes to her book club.

Burn Book

Rachel McAdams agrees it’s a safe bet that Regina has a couple of kids, which she calls “mean babies. Babies who are plotting your demise, in the womb.” Tbh I would not be surprised if Regina created drama just to start shit between the nurses while giving birth. And with those genes, there’s really no way her children could avoid being anything but growing up to be scum sucking road whores.

Considering that McAdams is the most successful Mean Girls alum (sorry, Amanda Seyfried), if she signed on to do a reunion then getting the other actors shouldn’t be too difficult. Lindsay can take time off from her busy schedule of faking community service, and Damien can stop being the cutest fiancé for approx 10 minutes.

Because as great as the Gilmore Girls reunion will be, we really need to know if Karen ended up being the world’s greatest meteorologist. 



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