Queen Elizabeth’s Sass Toward The Obamas Is Everything

Queen Elizabeth has long been known for not being the life of the party, and it’s a rare thing to see her even crack a smile. But she’s still got some betchiness left in her, and she put it on display last week when promoting the upcoming Invictus Games.

The Invictus Games, which are happening for the second time, are an international sports competition for wounded veterans. The first edition was hosted in the UK, but this year they’re in Orlando. Prince Harry was the one who started them, so he’s been putting in overtime to make sure they’re a success.

Last week, the royals and the Obamas (America’s royal family, let’s be real) had some fun promoting the games on social media. Barack and Michelle posted a video telling Prince Harry that they would bring it, and to be “careful what you wish for.” The video ends with a really tall and hot veteran behind them dropping the mic.

The British Royals weren’t going to take this lying down, so Harry got his grandma the Queen to participate. In their video, they receive Michelle’s message, to which Her Majesty just responds “Oh really? Please.” THEN PRINCE HARRY DROPS THE MIC.


Unfortunately for you @michelleobama and @barackobama I wasn’t alone when you sent me that video – Prince Harry

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The Obamas are great, but you literally cannot beat transatlantic shade being thrown by the Queen and then ridiculously good-looking Prince Harry dropping the mic. Why didn’t we want to be British back in 1776?


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