Queen Elizabeth Makes More Money At Age 90 Than You Will In Your Entire Life

Queen Elizabeth is probably the oldest betch alive. I mean she had 2 birthday parties in the same year and has been wearing the most obnoxious clothes lately just to get people talking about her again—fucking Kate Middleton. But what makes her the ultimate British betch is that she is rich AF. And I cannot stress the AF part of that sentence enough. She is expected to earn £45.6 million next year. And that includes a 6.5% raise over what she’ll make this year. But I thought the Brexit was supposed to fuck up their economy?

What’s even more amazing is that she isn’t using all that money to build a palace on some island—that we know of. WTF she is using all that money for, we’ll probably never know. But Queen, if you’re reading this, I’ll take a donation to my rent fund.


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