Serenity Now: Pure Yoga Review

The Deets:

We took two classes at Pure Yoga. First was PXT I which is an intro class that's blend of strength training, cardio and traditional yoga. So like, a shit ton of downward dogs and other simple yoga moves interspersed with a lot of toning involving gliders and a workout ball. The second class we took was Figure 4 Form which was basically an intro barre class but with a cushion for doing ab exercises and a special figure 4 form that you do with your legs and arms. I don't totally get WTF that means but it was a great workout so I don't really care. 

Pure Yoga has two studios is located in the Upper East Side and Upper West Side. The one we attended was the on the Upper East Side and is located at 203 East 86th St. The classes are an hour and the schedule can be found here.

How in shape do you have to be?

These are intro classes so they don’t require you’re an expert at this stuff but it definitely helps to be in shape. That being said, if you suck at planks and squats you’re probably going to be way slower and it might take you a while to perfect your form.

Are you going to be sore the next day?

Definitely. I was sore for a couple of days after PXT. The gliders are really hard! You won’t be more sore from Figure 4 than you’d be at a normal barre class but any betch who’s ever taken a good barre class knows that shit isn’t easy. Whenever there's a ton of props I know it's going to hurt the next day. The extensive amount of PXT Figure 4 props can be seen below.

Locker room cleanliness

The locker room was more beautiful than my apartment bathroom. Like seriously, the showers were huge and gorgeous and it was a relief to not be crammed next to a dozen people who just finished sweating profusely. The Pure Yoga locker room was definitely one of the chicest I’ve seen in NYC and made me feel more like I was in a spa than a studio. 

Music Quality

For PXT the music was modern and was adjusted really smoothly for getting into the meditative yoga poses and then switching to the faster paced strength training. They did a great job with the music. Another thing to note about the PXT class was that the lights were changing colors from warm pinks to blues to greens. Somehow they managed to change for the yoga part and the strength training part in a way that really enhanced the mood of the class. I was really into it. It was standard top 40 for Figure 4.

Is the instructor actually skinny?

Yes. Both instructors looked like dancers and were fit in a like non-anorexic yet healthy and strong looking way. They were also super helpful yet somehow not annoying which is rare. Both instructors had just the right amount of pep to get you motivated but not so much pep you felt like you were joining a cult with a screaming pixie cheering you on like a cracked out Richard Simmons.

Would you go back?

Yes, definitely. I loved Pure Yoga because the classes were small so it was one of the few workout studios in New York where you don’t feel overwhelmed by the amount of people they're trying to cram into the class. Also, the place was chic and calming and the workout was legit. I’d also really like to take a meditation class there. You know, for serenity and shit.

I especially liked PXT because it was a great mix of meditative yoga stretching and like an actual difficult strength training. If you want to cleanse your aura while also actually sweating I’d highly recommend it. Unagi. Salmon skin roll. I haven’t taken a class I could describe as difficult and relaxing in a long time. Check it out.

Was it a full body workout?

Yes. Both PXT and Figure 4 workout your whole body, from your thighs to your arms to your abs. Figure 4 puts a different spin on regular barre class by having you do a lot of ab workouts at the barre with a cushion underneath which was great because your spine doesn't rup up against a hard floor like in a lot of classes and it's easier to do planks when you don't feel like your hands are going to look like a sweatshop laborer's the next day. 

Final Thoughts

You get what you pay for in NYC. Pure Yoga is a little pricey but it definitely gives your classes a luxury feel. If you're not down for the price of chic showers you can go sweat with the ungroomed of Yoga To The People. Namaste betches.


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