Fuck Cat Cafés, There’s Now A Puppy Beach

Don’t hate me, I know we all just had spring break, but…there is now a beach in Turks and Caicos where you can play with rescue puppies, aka a puppy beach, while you tan!

I know right???

Whoever thought of this should get a big raise, because this is a marketing trick that we are totally falling for.

1. Free puppy love


So I think we all need to tell our parents that we need to take an emergency trip down to Providenciales ASAP—you know, for community service reasons. And that isn’t even a lie because the organization that is running this puppy beach, called Potcake Place, is trying to find homes for a local breed of dog (the Potcake. Cuter than it sounds, we promise).

Attention high school juniors: Looking for something to give your college app that extra edge? Why not jet down to Turks and Caicos and rescue a little cutie and spend an extra week down there “learning” about puppies/drinking Mai Tais on the beach? That sounds like a great Common App essay waiting to happen.


#johnycash A boy, a beach and a bone. #lifesgood

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