Basic Betches Rejoice: Pumpkin Spice Cheerios Are Now A Thing

Every fall the same things happen. The weather gets chillier. We pretend to give a shit about football. And basic betches everywhere freak the fuck out over pumpkin flavored everything. Full disclosure here: I’m basic AF when it comes to pumpkin shit. Pumpkin muffins, pumpkin pancakes, don’t even get me started on my soy pumpkin spice lattes. Fucking delicious. Well now General Mills is jumping on the train with pumpkin spice Cheerios. It’s about time, amiright?

The new flave was supposed to hit shelves in September, which makes sense because that’s when all the other pumpkin shit comes out and it’s when fall starts, but GM decided they’re over summer and ending it a month early. That’s right. You can officially get the newest member of the Cheerio fam later this month. Seems a little hasty since it’s still like 1,000 fucking degrees outside and absolutely nothing like fall aka pumpkin season.


Cerealsy so good, I’m CHEERing these on to win gold #pumpkinspicecheerios #limitededition

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I can dig it, though. The sooner I can eat pumpkiny foods and stop trying to maintain my summer bod, the better.


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