New Study Finds Pube-Free Is The New Black

Bald vajay-jays have been all the rage lately, and gynecologists are taking note. The practice of waxing/lasering/shaving your pubes, referred to as “grooming” in the science world (way to make us sound like monkeys btw), has faced a lot of scrutiny as scientists try to figure out why exactly a woman would want to put hot wax/a laser/a sharp blade next to her privates.

Well, we finally have our answer! According to a new study published in the journal JAMA Dermatology on Wednesday found that 62% of the women in their sample have gone fully hairless at least once in their lifetime, and 84% reported at least some level of grooming (to the brave 16% of women who are rocking a full bush, I salute you.) Clean-shaven vags were found across all ages and races, with gynocologists finding the highest rate of hairlessness found among white women with some college education between the ages of 18-34—so like, everyone in your sorority.

These numbers are probably not shocking to anyone with a casual knowledge of female pubic grooming habits, but what was surprising were the reasons women reported for going bare. While many women reported grooming to facilitate sex (HINT: dudes will totally still bang you if your downstairs looks like a Yeti), the overwhelming majority cited hygiene as the main reason for keeping a clean shaven cooch.

Sorry gentlemen. Once again, not everything we ladies do is for you. 


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