Psycho Sets Roommate On Fire Over Missing Spaghetti

In a pretty intense case of roommate drama, some chick named Melissa Dawn Sellers got more than a little bit pissed at her roommate Carlos Ortiz Jr. after realizing that he’d thrown out the spaghetti and meatballs that she had in the fridge. Up until this point, I’m with Melissa because cooking is a pain in the ass and anything thats in a tupperware in the fridge is sacred.

But then Melissa set her roommate on fire. Specifically, she doused him in nail polish remover and then threw a lit cigarette at him. According to a friend of Ortiz, the whole thing started with the spaghetti, then Melissa (who has prior arrests for battery and robbery)  started “lighting little things on fire” and then moved on to setting fire to Ortiz himself. Ortiz, who was apparently just a nice dude who let crazy ass Melissa Sellers move in because she had been previously evicted (great sign) was rushed to the hospital with burns on his face, chest, and shoulders. Melissa, thankfully, is in fucking jail.

This, people, is what passive aggressive notes are for.




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