12 People Have Died From Selfies in 2015

Admit it, you've done some pretty dumb shit to get the perfect selfie. Whether it was taking a photo with a rando or leaning over a fence to get the perfect background, we've seen our lives flash before our eyes and wondered if we'd live to see the third Pitch Perfect movie.

Well apparently, there are even more hard-ass people than that one girl in your sorority pledge class. 12 people have died so far in 2015 in the pursuit of the perfect selfie. And not like how you literally died after accidentally posting a selfie of you eating to your Snapchat story. People have fallen to death, been hit by trains, been killed by a bull, and died in car accidents.

More people have died from selfies than have seriously dated the Kardashian women, which is far too many. RIP to the basic idiots of the world.


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